About Us


b/major was founded with the philosophy of sharing our love for hand-made leather shoes. b/major means "be major". We want girls wearing our shoes to be confident and demonstrate their own styles. With timeless designs in mind, our shoes are designed in Hong Kong and made with the finest leather and exceptional craftsmanship of our shoemakers. We don’t do standardized mass production. We value skills and techniques. Our careful selection of shoemakers whom we partner with reflects that value. Our shoes are made in small batches out of independent workshops (not factories), meaning each pair is unique.

We want to bring a new perspective to retail experience. We would also love to make the process more fun with direct interaction. Customers can experience our products and learn the craftsmanship at the same time.


We love simplicity and we want you to wear our shoes day in and day out. Our styles are always designed to last. We never compromise on quality and we only source leather and materials with the finest quality around the world. With our in-depth understanding about leather, we will only pick materials with the right texture and softness that best fit our design.


We believe tiny details decide everything. This is the reason why we spend a lot of time finding the right partners for our production. The partners we chose are very experienced in footwear industry and passionate about celebrating craftsmanship. We work closely together to turn our designs into beings.


Footwear manufacturing used to be one of the most flourishing industries in 1960-70s. We hope to inherit this traditional hand-crafting skill in a new way. We want to carry on the legacy and let the new generation understand more about this industry.